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Ok, so we’re all getting back to ‘normal’ in 2022 right? It’s great to be back to live events but something we’ve all learned over the past couple of years is that the world of team building has changed dramatically.  We flung ourselves into socially distanced, digital, virtual team building activities in 2020 and knew that one thing remains constant; the need for teams to feel engaged, supported and involved.  Zoom became the new norm; all we needed to be effective was a little innovation and imagination. Which we have at Dead Herring in bucket-loads.

But now that we’re gradually finding our feet it’s become very obvious that virtual events have a one great big advantage; your team don’t need to be in the same room to make this happen.

Just because we can now get back together in person, doesn’t mean we should forget what we’ve learned.  Through our team building activities online we take virtual team building to a mysterious and murderous new level and bring global companies together in a very positive sense.  Check out how you can reap the benefits below.

1930s gangsters murder mystery character

Stuck for ideas for virtual team building activities?

Virtual Murder Mystery


You’ll still be able to interact with our actors and view the crime scene and suspect interviews through video clips. Every team-building element is still intact; you’ll be split into groups and will work together to make sense of the clues, identify red herrings and motives to solve our unique murder mystery!

A team building activity for groups of as many as 150 participants.


What’s involved?


After booking you’ll receive a Zoom link to send to all of your delegates

Our experienced actors host the event live; we’ll provide as many actors as we need depending on your group numbers

You really don’t need to do anything other than turn up!  We’ll run the event from start to finish including facilitating breakout rooms (which you can organise in advance, if required)

Events run from 60-90 minutes depending on your requirements but we really are flexible; talk to us if you have any special requirements

Simply join the call, and prepare to solve a murder…

Virtual Escape Room


We can’t lock you in a room, but we can take you on an exciting journey against the clock, where you will need to solve a cold case from the 1930s in order to save a huge fortune from falling into the wrong hands! Time is of the essence; you’ll have to solve clues, crack passwords and dig and delve online until you reach the climactic conclusion…

It’s the perfect online game for team building when you have a small team; it works perfectly for a maximum of 10 players.





How do our Virtual Events work?

Take a look to find out more