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What better way to entertain yourselves, your team or your friends than trying to solve a (pretend!) murder? Dead Herring’s immersive evenings involve so much more than a few clues and a dead body; we really embrace the investigation and get you on board at every turn!

If you choose us to entertain you with a spot of murder, our fantastic and talented professional actors will facilitate the whole investigation from start to finish, bringing the whole story to life in a truly immersive way.  We’ll ensure a relaxed atmosphere by introducing our larger than life characters at the start; they’ll keep up the pace and fun for the whole evening, introducing clues, motives and of course, red (dead?) herrings!

Take a look below to find out more, and get in touch to book an event which is guaranteed to end with a bang…

1940s murder mystery characters

The Humorous Case of the Murder Mystery Party…

Who is it for?


Anyone can immerse themselves in a Dead Herring investigation, for example:

  • Conference events that could do with a bit of excitement
  •  Venues looking for something different to enhance their events calendar
  • Brides-to-be who’d like some mysterious fun on their hen night
  • Groups and Societies looking for that something different to make their events go with a bang!
  • Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas parties


How does it work?


I won’t have to get into character and act will I?  No, you can leave that to us!

  • Your guests will be introduced to our characters who will set the scene and introduce the ‘crime’.
  • You’ll spend the evening discovering clues, interrogating the suspects and getting to the bottom of their motives
  • Once you’ve gathered all the information you need you’ll come up with your own solutions to the murder
  • Without giving too much away, the evening is guaranteed to end with a bang!
  • Bubbles are always essential – a bottle for the team who guesses ‘whodunnit’ is a must.


Can it be bespoke?


Of course! Maybe you’d like your boss to be the victim at your Christmas party? Or when your golf club holds a fundraiser you’d like some espionage on the links to feature? If your venue is close to a local historical landmark, perhaps a gruesome murder will take place just around the corner…

Talk to us and we can write your murderous party around any scenario you like, it is really up to you.

We’ve also got plenty of tried and tested themes for an evening guaranteed to tickle the little grey cells if you’d like to choose off the shelf.

Contact us to start the investigation…