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Murder in the Boardroom is a skilfully designed away day activity to entertain your team while allowing our super-sleuths to explore their working methods, relationships, strengths and areas for improvement.  If you’re investigating new ideas for team building activities and team-bonding exercises for teams of 20+, then we’ve got you covered.  We’ll turn your offices into a crime scene and interrogation room all rolled into one to create a thrilling world away from work.

The murder suspects are played by our experienced actors who facilitate this immersive learning experience from start to finish, firstly by introducing the ‘crime’.  The team is then split into smaller groups to solve the murder. They’ll search for evidence at the crime scene and interview each of the suspects in turn before coming up with their solution. We may even throw in a few curve balls to keep them on their toes.

The interactive competition between teams is fascinating to watch. Who can come up with the best scenario?  Who saw through the lies and red herrings to reveal the truth? All will become clear in a dramatic ending …

Cropped body outline in a crime scene

There’s been a murder, and only your team can solve it!

Unique Storyline


Your team will be immersed in a unique storyline with a tight, skilfully woven plot to create just the right level of intrigue. Each character has a detailed and varied backstory which adds to the richness of the experience and gives the teams plenty of information to puzzle over. All the evidence is there to solve the crime, but we wouldn’t want to make it too easy, would we …


Professional Actors


Our professional actors are better than politicians in fending off fierce interrogations; you’ll be pleased to see them behind bars by the end! Charismatic, witty and great at improvisation, they bring the storyline to life and interact with the delegates delivering a truly immersive and often hilarious experience.  We don’t take the subject of murder too seriously …


Positive Evaluation


Let’s not forget this team training day is not all about fun! We work with you before, during and after to tackle key issues within your team, and to provide you with detailed analysis of the team’s feedback and our observations of team dynamics throughout the day as a follow-up. This will provide you with real and visual proof of the positive outcomes we’ve achieved together.


How does our Murder Mystery Team Building work?

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