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The last year of my 30s

Colourful shoes in Marrakech

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t (and still aren’t quite) sure in what context to write this post.  It’s essentially about a project I worked on in 2012/13 in what was, as the title so succinctly puts it, the Last Year of my 30s.  Simply put, I decided to take a photograph of myself (as those young whipper snappers put it nowadays, a ‘selfie’) every day from 16th November 2012 (my 39th birthday) to 16th November 2013 (yes, my 40th!).


Good question, and one which I’m not sure I know the answer to.  As you’ll see from the film, during that time I traveled a fair bit, stringing out the birthday celebrations and sharing with various other friends of the same age, and I also gave birth to my youngest child.  It was just interesting, if that’s a good enough reason.

I’ve only just worked up to editing the photographs together into a short film and I know that I wanted to write something about it, to present it, to make it relevant.   Has it got anything to do with team building?  Not really.  Murder Mysteries?  No.

What it does show, however, is my tenacity (I admit I did miss about 5 days out but I defy you to count them as you watch, I could have got away with it but I’m just too honest!) in starting a project and seeing it through to the end.  It shows my love of storytelling in a visual medium, and it shows my lack of conceit ( I look awful in some of these pictures, I really do).

So really, I think that’s a good enough reason to share this.  I’ll stop writing and just sit back and let you be the judge.