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Winner Winner!

The Big Pitch winner being presented with an award

Winning is very exciting (especially if, like me, you’re not hugely competitive and therefore it doesn’t happen very often).  It might be a game of Cluedo or the Egg & Spoon race at the school sports day, where your reward is simply the thrill of taking part and the simple pleasure of coming first with no thought of prizes, or it could be life changing, like a £multi-million lottery win.   (Note: I speak from experience about two of these three examples.  I’ll leave you to guess which ones…)

However, entering a competition with the potential to positively change your life is a different kettle of fish entirely. Back in June I entered #TheBigPitch organised by Buzz Connect, and was genuinely gripped with a desire to do well.  I put 100% into planning and executing my pitch because I really, really, really wanted to win!

And win I did!   So why was I so determined?

Well, running your own business is very difficult, and I had arrived at a ‘sink or swim’ moment.  What I needed was exposure, the benefits of a wide range of expertise and confirmation that I was doing the right thing (and that no, I was not flogging a dead horse).  And the prizes (each Buzz Connect Ambassador has pledged their time or services) I won have provided this in spades.

Since winning and meeting up with my various ‘prizes’ I have, amongst other things, completely redesigned my website and moved up in google rankings, turned my thinking on its head with regards to ‘selling’ myself and my product, put a simple but effective CRM in place, thought very carefully about placing realistic value on myself and my time and above all, gained a huge amount of confidence in my products and services.

When I first launched my business, I didn’t think networking was for me, and completely underestimated how important (if not vital) it would turn out to be for my business.  I wouldn’t have entered The Big Pitch without it, wouldn’t have met countless talented, helpful and knowledgeable people along the way and would, I am certain, be sinking rather than swimming at this very moment in time!  It’s also taught me to be specific about what I ask for; this made my meetings with each of my ‘prizes’ efficient, productive and rewarding.  I had questions, they had the answers!

So now I’ll ask; if you know of any SMEs who are going through a merger or period of change, put them in touch with us and we’ll use our murder mystery team building activities to help them focus on the positives and embrace their new working dynamics and challenges.

Thank you dear reader, and thank you Buzz Connect!